Zune – Why hast thou forsaken me!?

From my article yesterday about Apple, one would think that I am a major Zune thumping Microsoft fan boy. Not so, I take anyone to task on anything that I think is annoying, frustrating, or just plain stupid. As I am preparing for a brief trip I wanted to import some of my newer CDs, yes I said CDs into my Zune. I still go to retail “stores” and “purchase music” with “money” I know, call me old fashioned. I was somewhat surprised at the results I got out of the Zune software.

The first CD I tried to rip into the Zune player is the new album “Day and Age” by The Killers. The Killers rock and this album is no exception, so I loaded the disc into ye olde DVD drive (left-shift held down for old superstitions) and away we went. Zune immediately detected that I had inserted a disc.

The first thing I noticed is that the first three song titles were all “Human”, yes The Killers can be a little, err eccentric.. but I doubt that they named 3 of their songs the same thing. (That may play hell on the CDDB). I then quickly looked up the track list on Amazon.com (the best. site. ever. for information about products, by the way) and determined that in fact all of the song titles were completely wrong.

I then swallowed my “pride” and downloaded and installed the latest version of iTunes (yes, I said it). iTunes had the correct song titles without any difficulty. I shrugged this off and thought well maybe with the thousands of CDs available this one huge release slipped through the cracks. So I manually edited the song titles and ripped the disc.

Then I inserted the newly released Fall Out Boy record FOLIE a DEUX (again with the requisite superstitious left-shift held down) I was a little surprised at what the Zune player did next.


One of the largest music releases of the year and the database behind the Zune software has absolutely no information about it (Except for the artist, which is a little weird). I realize its not a huge deal that a few of the largest music releases of the year have completely messed up data in whatever database Zune pulls its information from on a large scale, but on an micro-industry scale, the fact that the competition (iTunes) gets it right every time seems like it would put some pressure on Microsoft to get it right at least on huge releases like these.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Zune. The software and hardware has gotten better with each new revision, but in such a competitive (maybe not so much?) market, you need to get the fundamentals correct to stay in the game (WNBA, strong fundamentals..) the other flashy stuff can come after you have the correct information about huge album releases.

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