Intel DH55TC – Linux/Virtualization tests

I recently had the chance to test out the brand spanking new Intel DH55TC motherboard with various Linux (and virtualization) operating systems for the purposes of network installation and compatibility actually surprised me.

The Intel DH55TC motherboard is the first board from Intel to use the new graphics component which makes it also the first inexpensive consumer LGA1156 motherboard from Intel to offer on-board video. In my work we are constantly looking for new boards we can use for cheap simple web servers and this board (and the Core i5 661) had a great deal of potential for this task.

We provision systems using pretty much every different version of Linux (and even some Virtualization technology) that one can imagine so I have created a little table to show compatibility. In order for an OS to be ‘compatible’ it must be able to be installed completely unattended over the network (PXE).

OS Result Note
CentOS 5.4 WORKS N/A
Debian 4 (etch) FAILED NO NIC
Debian 5 (lenny) FAILED NO NIC
Fedora 12 WORKS N/A
Redhat 5.4 WORKS N/A
Ubuntu 9.04 FAILED NO NIC
Ubuntu 9.10 WORKS N/A
XenServer 5.5 FAILED NO NIC
VMWare ESXI 4 FAILED Hangs after Boot

So you can see that most major distributions (shame on you Debian) make at least some kind of showing here. If you must have a 100% compatible LGA1156 motherboard the SuperMicro X8SIL is still the king.


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One Response to “Intel DH55TC – Linux/Virtualization tests”

  1. simkard says:

    Hi !

    I would like to ask you something …

    I’m about to build an ESX/ESXi v4.0 Update 1 box … and i was wondering if the DH55TC motherboard would load the ESXi Installation fine ?

    -> Does the LAN Card // 82578DC is supported ?
    If not, I will buy an “Intel Pro/1000 PT Dual Port – PCIe x1”
    -> Does the SATA Controller // ?????? is supported ?
    I’m going to use a Dell PERC 4e/DC with 2x U320 10k 72.8GB, but if i could use the 6x SATA ports, it would be nice !
    -> Does the fact of using a Core i3 with integrated graphics (GMA HD) is a problem for ESX/ESXi ?
    It appears not to be, but, who knows if VMware will runs fine with ?

    Thank you !

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