SuperMicro X9SCL/X9SCM hard disk update image

With Intel’s release of the Xeon E3 1200v2 CPUs yesterday I have had to come up with a creative solution to update the BIOS on hundreds of SuperMicro X9SCL/X9SCM motherboards to support the new CPUs.

I feel that laziness is a virtue in System Administration so I created a image file that can PXE boot into DOS and handles the update automatically.

The file is here:

X9SCL BIOS Updater

I’ll assume that you already have a Linux based PXE setup; this is the command I use to call it with pxelinux:

label X9SCL
KERNEL other/memdisk
APPEND initrd=tools/c.img harddisk



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2 Responses to “SuperMicro X9SCL/X9SCM hard disk update image”

  1. vance says:

    pretty awesome. care to share instructions on how to modify this? version x9scm2.608 is out and i’m hoping this fixes the ASPM bug we found

  2. vance says:

    Thanks for making this. I was able to add the new 608 BIOS version that came out that fixes the ASPM issue with the 508 version.

    I added REBOOT.COM from . I’ve used this to install several hundred machines automatically.

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