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Quick and dirty load balancing using Extreme Networks switches

Monday, August 7th, 2006

This article explores how to achieve simple server load balancing using inexpensive and readily available extreme networks switches.

Most Extreme Networks switches are capable of server load balancing, and Extreme Networks switches are available for next to nothing on eBay. There is a very large limitation to server load balancing on Extreme switches however; they absolutely will not load balance if there is a layer3 switch between the switch and the servers (i.e. if you have a firewall in between the Extreme switch, and your servers…)

Keeping this limitation in mind, Extreme Networks offers a very robust set of server load balancing options similar to dedicated load balancing hardware (Foundry ServerIron/ServerIron XL)

Here is a brief summary of how to SLB on Extreme Networks switches.

Below is a list of commands, under there is a line by line

#Here we create the VLAN that your load balanced servers will reside in. We assume that your switches’s IP is, and that your servers are on ports 2-3

create vlan lbservers
conf lbservers ipaddress
conf lbservers add port 2 untag
conf lbservers add port 3 untag
enable ipf

#Create the Server load balancing pool and add the real servers.

create slb pool lbpool1 lb-method round-robin
configure slb pool lbpool1 add 80
configure slb pool lbpool1 add 80

#Create the virtual server, assign real server pool to virtual server

create slb vip lbvip1 pool lbpool1 mode translation 80

#Set the server load balancing type, enable server load balancing, enable ip forwarding.

conf lbservers slb-type server
enable slb
enable ipf

#Substitute gateway for the name of your VLAN which connects upstream

conf gateway slb-type client

#There you have it, a very simple server load balancing configuration for Extreme Networks switches.

Enjoy making your purple dinosaur do new tricks! (dance Barney dance!)