Exchange 2007 OWA makes you login twice

Nothing irritates me more than wasting time, being inefficient, or gnomes.  I recently configured a Sharepoint 2007 Enterprise server and whilst playing around with the ‘site’ I added a few different Web Parts. Everything went fine until I added Web Parts which pull information from my Exchange 2007 server and noticed I had to login twice (Once to the DOMAIN via Sharepoint, and once into OWA).

The problem is that by default Exchange 2007 is not set to use ‘Integrated Authentication’ I tried playing with the Virtual Directory for OWA in IIS to no avail, I then opened the Exchange Management console to see what kind of trouble I could get into. I drilled down to ‘Client Access’ under ‘Server Configuration’ and there I saw this:


When I opened the item listed as: owa (default website) this presented me with a screen which looks like this:


Originally I had it set to “Use forms-based authentication” I simply changed this to “Use one or more standard authentication methods” and selected Integrated Windows Authentication. Viola, if the user is already logged into the domain, it will not bring up that annoying login screen in your MOSS 2007 site.

Keep in mind, if you allow people to login to OWA whom are not already logged into the domain via OWA (why would you?) this may break that functionality.


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